Sunday, January 30, 2011

Black bean tacos with cabbage and feta

I had no clever or catchy title for today's post. Just a delicious and super easy recipe for you!

Please excuse if any of the pictures are blurry or terrible quality. Pretty much all of my food pictures are from my iPhone at night now because I'm too hungry to get out my regular camera!

First you make some delicious black beans ...

- 1 can of black beans
- 3 green onions
- a handful of cilantro
- cumin
- garlic powder
- lime juice (optional)

1. Saute black beans in some olive oil for a few minutes.
2. Add in green onions and spices to taste.
3. Sprinkle cilantro (and lime juice if you have it, if not - no prob) on the top.

Then you make some cabbage ...

- 1/2 head of green cabbage (washed and ribboned, you just slice down one of the sides)
- 1 tsp or so of sesame oil (I have toasted sesame oil from Trader Joe's)
- 1 tbsp or so rice wine vinegar
- sriracha (or other delicious hot sauce)
- dash of salt
- lime juice (optional)

1. Cut up the cabbage and wash and dry.
2. Meanwhile, heat up some sesame oil on medium heat.
3. Throw in cabbage, vinegar and salt (I also threw in some lime juice because I had it from the black beans). Put the top on the pan and let it stew for a bit.
4. Check on the cabbage after a few minutes, toss some sriracha in and cook for a few more minutes until tender.

Put together some scrumptious tacos ...

We added in feta cheese (which is awesome because the tang gives it something special). I happen to really like hard corn tortillas but you can use soft corn or flour tortillas as well.

So basically, cook some black beans and cabbage and put in tortillas with cheese. I have some friends out there who are a bit afraid to cook - so I'm looking at them to give this recipe (or use your own flavors!) a go!


  1. my mouth is literally watering right now.

    this would go so great as a base for my fish tacos I plan on making tomorrow night. I'll let you know how it goes!

  2. mmm perfect idea. Pickled red onions or carrots or something like that would go really well with this and fish tacos.

  3. Never would have thought of this combo. Looks delicious.