Friday, August 21, 2009

Story Time

Everyone knows what it feels like to begin something new. Your mind is racing with new ideas and trembling with excitement. But on the other hand, you are scared – change is different and failure is always a possibility. I have a problem. I expect to be good at something the moment I start doing it. Sometimes the possibility of this not occurring deters me from even trying, as crazy as that sounds. In physics, I was taught Newton's First Law - "The Law of Inertia". A thing in motion stays in motion. A thing at rest stays at rest unless an external force is applied. I am most certainly not in motion. If I am, it seems the only direction I'm moving is backwards. This is where this new blog comes in.

I’m using this as an opportunity to hold myself accountable and bring all of you along for the ride. You’ll come along with me as I start really quilting, sewing, knitting, cooking and baking (and blogging). I’ve obviously been cooking for quite some time – a girl's got to eat! - but I’d really like to start expanding my cooking and baking into more difficult and interesting foods. Also, I rarely rely solely on taste and often use recipes to completely design my meal. I’d like to learn to be more innovative in my food choices. I’d also like to spruce up my writing since I haven’t done much writing since college.

I feel a bit like a librarian reading a classic story to the children at her feet...

So come with me children,
we will go on a journey of
chocolate ganache,
scratchy fibers
and coq au vin.